The bridge is built!

CoDOCS is the most powerful integration tool for connecting your company´s document management system with SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. This means you can combine the features and power of eDOCS DM with the ease-of-use and flexibility of SharePoint On-prem, SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams.

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Improving your document workflow with a modern user interface

Document versioning, metadata and access rights are synchronized between Teams & SharePoint and eDOCS DM, in both directions. All processes can be managed using either standard interface.

Add new features and applications to your existing system

As coDOCS is fully integrated into Teams & SharePoint, you can get documents from virtually all custom Teams & SharePoint applications synchronized to eDOCS DM.


Enable automatic synchronization of all your ECM-data – even with external users

With coDOCS you do not need to worry about versioning. All synchronization from Teams & SharePoint is performed automatically as soon as a change is made. CoDOCS also allows designated users to synchronize documents from users who do not have a user account in eDOCS DM. Clear icons show whether, and which, documents need to be synchronized.

…without compromising security

As the administrator, you have complete control and can easily determine which users are allowed to synchronize documents between Teams & SharePoint and eDOCS DM. Access rights for documents and folders are also synchronized as soon as any change is made to access rights.


One, easy to use, future-proof solution

CoDOCS is easy to configure and ensures that all documents are stored securely, whether you are working in a well-defined process in eDOCS DM or a less tightly controlled Teams & SharePoint solution.

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